Announcement Templates

Send your subscribers quick, effective notes about new products or special occasions.

“We thought that creating 12 different emails was going to take a ton of time. But once we designed our first email, we were able to copy and use the same template without starting over. That also saved us a lot of time, because we just needed to switch out the content and schedule.”

Derek Gerber, Tallega Software

Templates for every kind of email.

Sales Email Templates

Professional-looking follow-ups and reminders will impress.

Newsletter Templates

Stay top of mind and deliver valuable news.

Event Invitation Templates

Send email invitations or save-the-dates.

Thank You Email Templates

Your audience loves to feel appreciated – and you’ll look good doing it.

Holiday Templates

Send seasonal emails that delight your subscribers.

HTML Email Templates

Easily use your own custom code to create your template.

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